7 things before Wayra starts

As a greyhound of Czech acceleration programme (Wayra is my second, after my StartupYard 2012 experience with Pizzatime) I feel obliged to give you several points, you might find useful in upcomming months here in the very centre of Prague. Most importnantly the obvious – it is about the time. Not about the things you want do, but about the things you really do. Every week counts as you have to end up 2014 with vital revenues or money from investor on the way.

So, what can help you?


1. regime

DATY teamThere is one thing, you should take as inpiration from corporations – morning regime. We at Daty meet at 9:00am every morning and have a fee 2CZK/minute for being late to work – no exeptions. Routine enables to plan work better and shows, that everyone in team feels the same obligation. Once you are not strict, you get slower.





2. all-in

Wayra kitchenYour idea just got evaluated aprox 600 000 EUR, not a bad start, hm? Now it is up to you, what you and your team devote. Believe me – to really do something big, you need to activate all resources – money, time, contacts, people. Forget about summer holidays, forget free weekends. There will be many obstacles on the way and the key is not to take them as excuse. Or reason not to get, where you want to get. To be sincere – you always perform worse than you drafted at beginning. All that means that you need to work harder and longer. As Rocky would say – „It is about how hard you can get hit a keep moving forward.“




3. Wayra and Telefonica network

here you will have meetingsWayra family offers unique and very concrete way to accelerate. Wayra may help globally, Telefonica locally – more in a sense of validating the product in market and get really soon first customers. But the people there are not waiting for you with open arms, they have many own work and some things take time. Start right away, push them as soon as possible. There will be plenty of events but always think pragmatically what you can get from any interaction – is it an investor? will he work for you? If not, spend 5 minutes and go on.




4. get closer      

IMG_3410aIf you are looking for place in Prague this year, I highly recommend you do not commute more than 15 minutes door-to-door, metro only if possible. From my experience, the longer you travel to work, the more it bothers you.  More delayed you arrive in morning and later run faster you from work. At night, it become even more complicated. So do not go only for price, which is naturally lower with with more distance. Wayra is at best spot in Prague, it is walking distance from all 3 metro lines so find a place near metro stations – I personally recommend green line with areas near Dejvicka (Hradcanska), nam. Miru and others in that direction of line A (Zelivskeho). Yellow line brings pleasant stations towards Karlín (Florenc up to Vysocanska).




5. local community

for locals go to LokálSome of you are comming to a foreign city without any background (as I did 2 years ago) and believe me – if you want to grow, you need also people around, from Prague to help you or work for you. Ask locals (us), participate not only at startup events, try to get near other organisations and schools or directly customers. And mainly talk and share your startup idea whereever possible. If your idea is revolutionary, many people will help you just because it really is. And by the way – once a 14 days I am orginizing startup beer (5 and more young companies from Prague), peep me to add you in.






6. sport

Ria after workoutNow you are motivated. But to deliver high and contant performance, you should feel good also psychically. Being fit is very important. You have more energy and get less fatigued. Obama runs, Putin rides horses. I recommend to practice at least twice a week, a hour of intense cardio training. There is a nice fitness place and squash court on Vaclavske nam. I can take you also to “MPT curcuit training” with legendary Ria (every Tue & Thu 20:00-21:00). Or if you are into dancing, we hit local latino club with Lenka from time to time.





7 . help other startups

local startupsSincerely the word “startup” in CZ is not getting only positive image thesedays. We in Wayra will be under scope and expectations from whole startup community. It is on us to show, that startuping is not only about pitching, networking and conferencing but we can bring some hard work and results. And at the end of the day really change the world somehow. If we succeed, we can show the path to the others, get more publicity for whole industry and ease the way for the ones after us.



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